Storyteller Missions Update: June 2015

The Summer is off to a great start with Storyteller Missions teams serving in both China and Haiti. It was a joy and honor to watch as they became the hands and feet of Jesus, serving in orphanages and partnering with local ministries. Joining first as strangers, the teams bonded quickly and were the perfect representation of the Storyteller mission: To go into the world fulfilling the command given to us in James 1:27 “to look after orphans and widows in their distress.†

China Team (led by Gretchen Fricke) 

China June 1
The team spent the week at an orphanage playing with the kids, taking some on field trips, advocating for waiting children, providing guidance on physical therapy and bonding with and encouraging the nannies and staff.  They were also able to bring and purchase greatly needed items to donate to the orphanage. Spending extended time in one place enabled the team to really bond with and get to know the kids and staff.  One little girl had a very special day as the team showed her videos of her new mom, who would soon travel to bring her home forever. It was apparent, from their reports, that their hearts had really become connected to the work there. Their love for Chinese culture and people was displayed in all the pictures and stories they shared. They are leaving China with aching hearts and teary eyes but also with hope that many children will soon be matched with forever families. 

Haiti team (led by Kari Gibson)

Haiti June
The team made much use of their time serving at Mission of Grace, a government maternity ward (in partnership with Outside the Bowl), Mother Teresa hospital for sick and dying children, Foyer de Sion orphanage and Child Hope International.  They had the privilege to pray with new, struggling mothers, feed and rock babies, play with orphan children and bring a glimpse of hope and joy into many lives. While they were only able to spend a day or several hours with each ministry they will come home to share the impact we can all have by serving and giving. Their unrelenting love and prayers planted seeds of promise in every heart. The obedience and willingness to “go†will create ripples of tiny stories that will ultimately feed into larger stories of God’s grace and presence in places that feel forgotten.  

  China June 2

“We owe Christ to the world–to the least person and to the greatest person,
to the richest person and to the poorest person,
to the best person and to the worst person.
We are in debt to the nations.â€

David Platt


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