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Storyteller Missions Teams: Sharing the Mission

Obedience 2
Obedience. Obedience to the work of the Father. That is what we strive for, every day in our Christian walk. Some days obedience is much harder than others. Some days the commission of sharing the gospel and meeting needs seems daunting and overwhelming… especially when it comes to global orphan care. As a staff and as individuals we seek to advocate for vulnerable children all over the world every day. So many children, so many needs… Sometimes the task seems too big, too great and there are days when the enemy of God's kingdom wages a fierce battle against our efforts. Why is this? One word: Obedience.

Our obedience to God's Word in the mission to defend the fatherless.

I was reminded recently of an event in the Old Testament when the prophet Elisha was besieged by the army of the king of Syria. On the morning that their city was surrounded by the enemy the servant of Elisha awoke and saw what was going on. He was overwhelmed by the multitude of horses, chariots and soldiers who had come to destroy them. But Elisha, with his mighty faith, spoke calmly and firmly to the servant, “Fear not: for they that are with us are more than they that be with them.” And then Elisha beautifully prayed “Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see.” What happened? The young man's supernatural eyes were opened and he saw not the enemy, but the mighty hosts of heaven – horses and chariots of fire all around he and Elisha. What a glorious vision! To see the power and might of Jehovah wielded out of His fierce love for and care of His people.

Some days we need Jehovah to open our eyes and give us a vision of His army, standing at the ready and encircled about us. That is the source of our strength and might. The battle is not ours, only the victory. And so we press on…

If you are reading this then, in some way, you share the mission to speak up for the Fatherless – whether it's through adoption, sponsorship or being an advocate on one of our Storyteller mission trips. If you are considering how you can impact this great effort we invite you to consider joining a mission trip this year. Our teams travel to China, Ethiopia, Haiti and Uganda meeting children, telling their stories, and working passionately to see every single one of them placed in forever families. When a child cannot be adopted, our goal is to see him or her sponsored, cared for, and loved. We have an amazing group of team leaders that we are confident you will enjoy working with. You can check out their profiles and scheduled trips here.

Storyteller 2016

Won’t you pray and ask God what else you can do for Him and His Kingdom this year? Perhaps He will lead you in joining us. We hope so!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our Storyteller Missions staff at or by calling 800-429-3369 and asking for Johnna or Becki.


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