Storyteller Missions: Recap of July Team’s Ethiopia Trip

A group of 15 Storyteller Missions members traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from July 24th -August 3rd, 2015. The purpose of the trip was to share Jesus Christ by loving people and to advocate for children without a voice, to find their forever families!  One of the members of this team writes:

A well-known pastor once said, “Missions exists because worship doesn’tâ€. God created us to worship and those who are His (all believers) are called to be missionaries. That doesn’t mean that you pack up and go overseas somewhere. But being a missionary means being obedient to what God called you to do, whether where you are or overseas. We are to teach the things of Christ through the scriptures with the worship of God as the end goal.

ET trip 1aPrior to going to Ethiopia, I prayed for opportunity to share the gospel with others. I never thought that I would meet someone named Reginald. He was 17 years old and from Paris, France. He was with a volunteer team helping out at a private orphanage we visited. The Lord brought this moment together as I prayed for an opportunity to share with him. Reginald was not a believer. I talked soccer (futbol) with him and then asked what he thought of Christ. I shared the gospel and a seed was planted. Though Reginald rejected Christ in that moment, I pray more seeds are planted and those seeds are watered. God will cause the growth! Pray for Reginald!

ET trip 1cAnother way the Lord brought an opportunity was with our drivers, N* and M*. Our drivers throughout the week informed us that they have never experienced a group like ours. They felt included. In fact, they were family since day one. At the end of the week as we said our “see you laters†I know they caught a glimpse of God’s love. One was Orthodox and the other a Muslim. We shared the gospel with them and trust that with persistence, one day they will come to the knowledge of the Truth. Pray for them as well as we continue to connect with them.

One final way that God was made much of, is by prayer. Putting prayer last is not saying that we rank it last, but that it is the first thing we should do! Prayer is powerful! One of the sweet moments that I remember sharing God’s truth was by praying out loud to the infants and special needs kids. We pray for all of them, but I also remember clearly as I prayed over one boy as he laid in his crib. I talked to him and I prayed with my Heavenly Father. I reminded the child about the Father who loves him and me, and that He brings comfort and rest. It was not only impacting the child but our team also. When we pray, it changes us!

ET tripb

Adoption reflects the gospel! You must remember that before Christ you were once an orphan too. God adopted you and me. This is a beautiful and incredible thing! God’s heart is for people. God’s heart is for Reginald, N*, M*, all the orphans, you, and I. Are you sharing His heart? Are you sharing His gospel?

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