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Hale family

Stories of Hope: The Hale Family

In 2016, Martin and Emily Hale had been married for six years and longed to start a family. They found themselves searching after being unsuccessful by the world’s standards. “God had other plans”, Martin remarked. Since adoption had always been a “someday” option, they decided that “someday” was actually right now.

They set their sights on India due to a great need for children to be adopted there. They specifically chose to pursue the adoption of girls, as historically girls/women are not given many opportunities in many parts of the world including parts of India.

With the adoption application filled out and the adoption costs miraculously provided for, they were notified 13 months later a little girl was waiting for them. They made the 20 hour flight to Pune, India to meet their eldest daughter, Anjaly who was 13 months old at the time. A year later, they knew their family was not complete so they applied once again to adopt another child and 15 months later, they welcomed their second daughter/new sister, Priyanka (aged 2 ½), from Solapur, India. Anjaly and Priyanka are just 10 months apart! The desire to keep growing their beautiful family was strong and the Hale’s began their third process. We are thrilled to share that they just returned from India on October 20th with their newest addition, 3 year-old Leela, from Bangalore, India.

Martin shared: “One of the great things about this adoption process was it was as if Leela knew exactly who her family was and she walked out of the orphanage with us without hesitation. In fact, she waved bye to her friends and care takers. This was amazing since the orphanage was the only home she knew before us.” Martin and Emily thank God for the gift of adoption and for the way He has grown their family.

The Season of Hope is a time when we delight in stories of family. It is undeniable that God takes stories of brokenness and begins to shape them into something new. Together, parents and children can take steps to weave a brand new life together, while continuing to honor the experiences that led up to the adoption process.

Join us during this Season to ensure that many, many more children have the opportunity to join their forever families through the services and support of America World.

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