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Stories of Hope: Post Adoption Care

When we first returned home from India, we were so exhausted and in a dark place. We were homesick for our other three children, and our new daughter’s needs were far greater than we originally realized. America World’s Post Adoption Services were a shining light in our dark place. They listened to us without any judgment. They gave us hope to make it to the next day, next hour. They cared for us and loved on us in just the right way we needed. Without America World, and particularly Amber, our adoption process would have been much more difficult. But we thank God for His Spirit living in the post adoption support personnel as they breathed refreshing words of life into our hearts. God bless you all. -Dan and Ann Dailey

As an agency that has walked with families for 28 years we know that post adoption care for families and children is often critical to successful attachment and bonding. As part of this years Season of Hope we aim to bolster the services we offer and create more opportunities for families, like the Dailey family, to receive coaching and support once home. We are blessed to have highly qualified staff leading our growing post adoption initiatives. We recently asked Jennifer Knight, Post Adoption Program Director, to give her “why” for serving in this capacity:

My “why” is a little bit complicated!  The short answer is that this is a God thing.  I firmly believe that God has called me to work in adoption, and for fifteen years now, He has faithfully opened doors and made a way for me to be in the right place at the right time.  He brought me to America World, and I will serve here until He tells me it’s time to go. The longer answer is that God has woven adoption throughout my life.  I am an adult adoptee, and I am also a birth mother.  I have empathy and compassion for the complexity of the adoption journey for every individual in the process.  My passion is to equip families not only for the beginning of their adoption process, but for the lifelong impacts that adoption can have.  If adoptive parents are prepared and understand what their children may deal with as they grow up and enter adulthood, then they are better equipped to support the adoptee through those events.  America World has provided me with an opportunity to develop and deliver these services to adoptive families.

We pray that you will consider joining us as we seek to provide wraparound care for families in the post-adoption phase.

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