Stories of Hope: Advocate for Rocco

The Stories of Hope continue to pour in from the One Orphan Hope Journey teams. It has been several weeks since they returned home, but the passion for advocacy has not burned out. Today a team member took a few moments to share the notes she took about Rocco while spending time with her in China.


Rocco is a boy that makes a deep impression on you when you meet him. He is so smart and handsome. He is eager to learn and eager to please. When I meet him for the first time in our Hope Journey Camp, he told me (through a translator) that he really wanted to learn English and asked if I could teach him some words. One day, on our way to a field trip, we practiced naming body parts on the bus. I will never forget the sound of his voice as he said, “This is my arm. This is my head. This is my hand.†And as much as this has stuck with me and makes me smile, what he said to me just before he left the camp broke my heart and motivated me to fight for him for as long as it takes. He looked as me during our goodbyes and said, “Please help find me a family.†  He wants a mom and dad, and I know he would be such a blessing to any family.


During a recent medical assessment, we learned that David is very healthy and very smart. His teachers report that he is above average in intelligence compared to his peers in his second grade class. They said that he is very hard working and careful and tends to be a perfectionist in his work. He has a very outgoing personality and interacts well with his peers and with adults. It was obvious to us that he was so well-loved and well-cared for by his nannies. He expressed multiply times how much he wanted a family. Although he has low vision, he compensates so well and does not let it stop him in anything he wants to do. He has excellent fine and gross motor skills and does not appear to have any other health or developmental issues. This boy is so capable and would be such a treasure for any family.

We have team members ready and willing to share about her. If you are interested in learning more about Rocco, or our China waiting child program, email or fill out a free pre-application on our website.

Our stories of hope will continue as we celebrate the Season of Hope leading up to the Day of Hope. You can read more about our Day of Hope and matching grant opportunity here.

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