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Step Into Their Story: ACT Missions

Step Into Their Story

We have a great opportunity coming up for a team of missionaries to serve in Haiti. One of our adoptive parents (see her previous post here) will be leading a team to Haiti April 12-19, 2014 through our ACT Missions department to work with two of our orphanage partners. One of these orphanages contains many special needs children who are in need of play therapy and stimulation. On the ground, orphanage staff always do the best they can, but even they are limited in how much time they can devote to a single child. This is why mission teams are essential to orphan care! By sending in a team of caring adults, these children can receive much needed one-on-one play therapy and nurturing.

We know this trip is right around the corner, but we encourage you to give it some thought and prayer. If our Heavenly Father touches your heart to go He’ll make a way as far as time off and expenses. Let’s be honest – we can’t change the global orphan crisis, but if we’re not stepping in, who is? If we’re not telling their story, who is?

There is this law of inertia that says that things remain as they are until they are disturbed, compelled, moved, and acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Our stories – the ones we step into, the ones we choose to live, and the ones we passionately tell – they should be that unbalanced force.

It doesn’t matter how big or small of a voice you have.

You have a voice for the voiceless.

We believe in you, in shared storytelling, and in the power of listening & acting.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to Step Into Their Story!

If you have any questions please contact us at 800-429-3369 or send us an email at If you’d like to apply we encourage you to do so today. It’s simple and quick to do. You can also read a brief overview on our website regarding our America World’s ACT Missions Program and see what we’re all about. 


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