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Starting Out ’09 Strong!

America World's China Waiting Children program is continuing to do a fantastic job!  As a matter of fact, our staff (Melissa, Lauren, et al) are helping match more children than any other agency in the world!  We're very proud of their work and grateful that so many children with special needs are finding homes. 

I got a great response from the blog post I made about the adoption of my son.  I hope that the many families who read what I wrote will spend some time considering this as an option for their family; if families would like to discuss this further, please email me or any of our China Waiting Children staff.

El Salvador Program Update:  I have great news to share about our El Salvador Program.  We received a referral of a seven year-old boy who is going to be accepted by one of our families!  The whole process was done with respect to the Hague Treaty on Adoption and followed an ethical guideline regarding the determination of the placement of this child with a family - we should applaud the Salvadorian government’s effort to find this child a family.  This is great news and we're confident that this is the first of many referrals for families in this program.  I am traveling down to El Salvador in February to follow-up on this important decision.  Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray for this program as we work with their government. 

We have a lot to be in prayer about in 2009.  I'm praying for the new Presidential Administration - that they would act favorably toward adoption and toward the orphan crisis.  I'm also in prayer that the many different countries open to adoption would continue to function in a proper way that is ethical and in the best interest of the children.  I'm also hopeful that those countries closed to adoption would change their views so that no child continues to wait for a family.

– Brian Luwis, CEO


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