Staff Spotlight, Ethiopia Transition Home Psychologist: Zerithun
April 26, 2013

ZerithunAmerica World is thankful to have Zerithun Kassahun as the Ethiopia psychologist and psychosocial support coordinator for the Ethiopia program. She started with America World in 2011 and the work she does is invaluable to the agency.

Zerithun stated some of the most fulfilling elements of her job are providing clinical counseling for children, in addition to training and orienting all nannies and staff members on child welfare and psychological & social issues.

Zerithun has a master’s degree in psychology from Addis Ababa University. Prior to her role at America World, Zerithun had experience as a counselor, social worker, and a supervisor of social work as well as holding the office of department head at the Federal First Instance Court in Ethiopia.

Zerithun is  certified in Trust-based Relational Intervention (TBRI).  She completed it alongside several AWAA staff members, and notes it as one of her most valuable trainings.  TBRI, developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross at the TCU Institute of Child Development, is an emerging intervention model for children who have experienced relationship-based traumas. These traumas might include institutionalization, abuse, or neglect. It is one of the premier trainings for individuals working with children who have come from “hard places.”

When visiting the transition home, it is not uncommon to see children stopping by Zerithun’s office for a visit and a chat, or to even see children lining-up outside of her door to talk.

We are so blessed to have Zerithun as part of the team at America World!

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