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Staff Spotlight: Ethiopia Transition Home Pediatrician

Image002-1Dr. Nehassie is our transition home pediatrician and we are so grateful for the important work she does, treating the children in our care. Dr. Nehassie has been practicing as a medical doctor since 1984 in government and private hospitals, both treating the sick and in other capacities. She began her work as America World’s transition home pediatrician in February of 2011.

Dr. Nehassie manages the general health, nutrition and psychological support of the infants and children in our care. She oversees their growth and development, with the goal of providing an opportunity for these children to achieve their full potential as adults. She works in collaboration with nurses, nannies and our administrative staff.

Dr. Nehassie notes, Practicing medicine at America World’s transition home is quite different from practicing in other medical institutions that I have worked for in the past. I feel America World’s motto is to be a father for the fatherless. Our association is functioning wholeheartedly in tackling every problem, be it a physical illness or the social, moral or psychological problems encountered by these children. I am happy to exercise my profession in such an environment.

The part of my role I enjoy most, is to see the sick healed, the depressed happy and the deprived infants have their needs met in a timely way, so that they can grow to their full potential.

Dr. Nehassie is an integral part of the America World team in Ethiopia, and we are thankful for her expertise!


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