Staff Spotlight – Ethiopia Transition Home Director & Medical Team Leader

Image003This week we’d like to introduce you to another valuable member of our transition home team. Zebenay acts as a transition home director and medical team leader. In this position she supervises the day to day activities of transition home staff and follows-up on both well and sick children. Zebenay conducts an orientation for all nannies on how to handle infants and how to prevent communicable diseases before infection. She also follows-up on those children who are admitted to the hospital.

Zebenay holds a diploma in Public Health Nursing and a Bachelor’s degree in Management. She is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Measurement and Evaluation. Zebenay came to America World with five years experience as a department head for communicable diseases in the government health sector. She also has experience as a transition home manager with another agency and as an HIV Counselor in a private hospital. Zebenay has been trained and certified in several areas: Avoiding stigma and discrimination involving HIV and AIDS, adoption policies and procedures, and the Hague Convention on adoption.

Zebenay has been with America World since 2009, and says her favorite part of her role is seeing children with special needs and HIV positive children be matched with adoptive families. She also says a highlight has been watching malnourished children and critically sick babies be so well cared-for and become healthy. 

We are thankful for the loving care and supervision Zebenay provides!


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