Staff Spotlight: Ethiopia In-Country Director, Adey
October 18, 2013

We’d like to introduce you to our Ethiopia In-Country Director, Adey! Adey began her work with America World as a legal adviser in early 2011. She then transitioned about 2 years ago to her current role as our In-country Director. Adey says, my heart has always been to work with orphanages and at-risk children.

In her position as In-country Director, Adey oversees and supervises all of America World’s tasks on a national level. She follows-up on all the court, MOWCYA and embassy proceedings. She is involved in planning and organizing America World’s activities in order to achieve strategic targets. Adey also establishes and maintains supportive relationships among our team of in-country employees.

Image002-4As a graduate of Addis Ababa law school, Adey came to America World with extensive education and experience. After obtaining her law degree, she was employed at the Federal Court as Assistant Judge. She was then appointed as a Federal Judge. She worked in this role for seven years, and was on several different benches in her tenure there. This included three years as a Federal Judge on the adoption bench. Additionally, Adey has been certified by Dr. Karen Purvis in Trust-Based Relational Intervention. This is an emerging intervention model for children who have experienced relationship-based traumas, such as institutionalization, abuse or neglect. It is a leading training for individuals working with children who have come from “hard places.”

Adey notes, What makes me most happy in my work at America World is seeing older children be matched with adoptive families. These children, who have passed through many traumatic incidents, look forward to being loved and taken care-of for once in their lifetime. It is also less common to match these children with families, than it is to match younger children. So for them, finding a true family is like a dream come true. They are very excited when they are matched with a family. Their happiness constantly keeps me joyful.

Personally, Adey and her husband are enjoying parenting their two boys.

Adey’s tireless work on behalf of America World’s families and the children in our care is well-known. We are very grateful for her essential leadership in-country!

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