Staff Spotlight- Ethiopia Head Nanny Gebeyanesh
October 7, 2013

Image002-3America World has an incredible team of nannies in Ethiopia that manage the day-to-day care of the children in our two transition homes. Gebeyanesh is a valuable part of that team! She is a head nanny, and has been with America World since 2008. Currently she is supervising the nannies that work with the infants in our care.

Gebeyanesh came to America World with years of experience in education. She was a kindergarten teacher for 18 years, and says that the reason she has spent so much of her life in this field is because she loves working with children. She has a teaching certificate and has completed different trainings on the physical, social and psychological well-being of children in different age groups.

Her major responsibilities are monitoring the children’s well-being and their proper care, and gathering relevant information from the other nannies about the children. She then provides this information to the appropriate staff members at the transition home. Her favorite moments of the day are when she is feeding, cleaning or playing with the children. Gebeyanesh says she especially enjoys that she gets to check on the infants on a daily basis and says she loves her job very much.

Gebeyanesh is just one representation of the many nannies in Ethiopia currently employed by America World. What a blessing to have in-country staff with such a genuine love for the children in their care. It is staff members like Gebeyanesh that make our transition home a special place!

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