Staff Spotlight – Ethiopia Assistant Psychologist

Image002-6We’d like to introduce you to Sara, America World’s assistant psychologist at our transition home in Ethiopia. Sara came to America World with experience working at Black Lion Hospital and SOS orphanage. She was praying for God to provide another opportunity and excitedly took the position at America World. Sara says, Since I joined this organization I have been working with a great passion.

Sara has been with America World for almost four years, and began her time here as a nurse. Sara notes that her favorite part of her previous role was to care for the newly-admitted and critically sick children, and for malnourished babies who were very close to death. Sara says, I always feel delighted and thank God when I think of the numerous children who have survived and been matched with a family through America World Adoption.

In January 2013 Sara transitioned to her current role as assistant psychologist. My favorite part of this role is to see many children who passed through different traumatic circumstances recover from their pain with counseling and the love we render them. Above all, I feel very happy when I see HIV positive children, special needs children and older children matched, who otherwise would have been left without a family. I am so grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to take part in America World Adoption Association’s blessed mission.

We are thankful for Sara’s contribution to the psychological health of the children in our care!


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