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Spiritual Stretch Marks

It was a snowy, blustery day outside.  Just the right kind of day to spend a few hours in front of the computer, checking out fellow chatter’s journeys as they expanded their families through adoption.  As I wiped a tear from my eye and began to mentally regroup, I found myself praying for yet another family who was in the waiting process, seeing no outward signs of movement. 

“What is it you desire us to learn, God?†I asked as I sat there praying.  “This waiting is sooo hard.  Did we not hear you correctly when we felt you were calling us to Russia to adopt?  Is this incredible longing and hope we harbor deep in our hearts something of our own making? Why is this so hard?â€

IMG_8368 - swindler

Then I began to really think about what adoption is, especially the international adoption we were in the midst of.  Someone from around the world, knowing that there is a special someone out there that we’ve been waiting all our lives to find. 


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