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Special Requests From China: Andy and Ashton

Our staff in China has presented us with an important need and we need your help.  These two amazing boys have been waiting for a family for quite some time in our partner orphanages.  We are confident that there are two families out there who God has ordained to be parents of Andy and Ashton.  Please help share their information with your circle of friends!

Andy and Ashton
Andy is a smart, young boy who is waiting for a family. He is a 7½ year old boy from one of America World’s orphanage partnerships in China. Andy has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and his file notes that he has low muscular tension in his limbs and uses a wheelchair. His caretakers describe him as kind and brilliant. Andy likes to talk and interact with other kids. We have several videos on file of Andy

Ashton is a cute 4½ year old boy who is also from one of America World’s orphanage partnerships in China. Ashton has mild hydrocephalus. The ACT mission team that recently visited this orphanage noted that Ashton has had huge improvements in his development this past year and is very well loved by everyone.  

These two boys are on China’s shared referral listing. These files are designated as Special Focus, so a family at any stage of the process is eligible to review their files. If you are interested in learning more about Andy or Ashton, please call our China staff at 800-429-3369 or email Our staff would be happy to help with any questions about the adoption process from China. 

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