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Love Without Boundaries – New Special Needs Website Launched

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America World’s China waiting children program is honored to partner with Love Without Boundaries, a great organization with a mission “To transform the lives of orphaned and impoverished children by providing hope and healing.” America World has several orphanage partnerships in several provinces that benefit from this organization’s foster care programs and other programs as well as other training they perform for orphanage staff.  They have performed training in one of our orphanage partnerships, showing staff how to prepare information and take notes on children that has brought about beneficial information to have in their child files when registered.  They are a wonderful organization involved in orphanage training, nutritional programs, foster care programs, medical assistance, providing Healing Homes for children who have had a surgery, and starting schools within orphanages in China. You can learn more about this organization by clicking HERE.

 Love Without Boundaries has just launched a new website, Adopt Special Needs. ( This new website offers families both considering a medical needs adoption or those who have already adopted a child with special needs, some wonderful and very helpful  resources as they plan to adopt a child with a medical need or are current seeking care for their child that has come home.  They have an extensive list of medical needs with details about each, including medical, community and other online resources to support adoptive parents and educate those in the process of adopting a special needs child. Even for families who are not adopting through China, this website can help provide resources on sensory-processing disorder and other conditions that often span across various adoption programs.

 The Adopt Special Needs website also provides excellent family stories to inspire and encourage.  If you have a child with special needs, or are considering adopting a Waiting Child, be sure to visit the Adopt Special Needs site to learn more and educate your family on the resources available to you. 

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