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Special Needs Advocacy- Developmental Delays

There are waiting boys and girls with various developmental delays ages 2-9, who are waiting for their forever family in our India, China, and Ethiopia programs!

One of the children we are advocating for on our waiting child site recently received these updates from her orphanage director:

“[Sarah] is a sociable and happy child who is both a leader and a team player, Whereas previously we noted a developmental delay in her learning, after more attention and schooling she is now intellectually at an average level for a child her age. Her teachers consistently provide good feedback on her progress academically and socially. It is clear that [Sarah] possesses many natural abilities that would be allowed to blossom in a loving home. Her inclusion in a family would ensure the love and affection that will allow her to develop to her full potential whereby she could make her family proud!”

A developmental delay can be physical (growth or motor) cognitive (language or general processing), emotional or social. When we recieve a child's file, we will gather as many specialized reports, growth charts and videos when possible to help a prospective family review the child’s referral with an international adoption specialist. A developmental delay can be caused by a medical issue at birth or just by being in an institutional setting. While many adopted children will have undiagnosed developmental delays, there are also children who have a specific diagnosis and a doctor will help review each child’s paperwork with a family to help them understand the child’s needs. There are many interventions and therapeutic services (speech, occupational, and physical therapy) that can be considered as possible treatments depending on the child’s specific needs.

We encourage you to visit our new online waiting child photo listing for more details regarding some of the waiting children. Our staff can provide many references of families and doctors who would be happy to speak to other potential adoptive families considering adopting a waiting child. Feel free to give us a call at anytime to talk about special needs adoption, and please join us in prayer for these precious children. 

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