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Speak Up

Proverbs 31:8 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.”

Destitute. The actual definition of destitute is without the basic necessities of life.

Much too late in my life I was struck with the realization of how much I HAD. I am ashamed to say that. When you are surrounded by people just like you, moving along with the same ideas and goals and desires, you can't see outside of the herd. You never look outside the herd. You ONLY see the herd. I was one of the herd. 

And then suddenly everything changed. I came face to face with an orphanage full of children who were WITHOUT THE BASIC NECESSITIES OF LIFE…a mom and dad, a home, siblings, grandparents, medical care, even food. All that I HAD became starkly
insignificant when looking into the eyes of hopelessness.


Advocacy. God tells us to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. These orphans, perfect and beautiful, innocent souls who do not have a voice in their  own stories. Who will speak for them? Who will cry out for these, forgotten by the world but highly treasured by God? Who will tell their stories?

Who will pray that his mommy sees the Facebook post as God whispers into her heart, That is your son.

Advocacy. A thirteen year old princess, Allie Jo, had waited her whole short life for someone to choose her. I saw her concentrating so hard on a buttoning activity that sweat was beading up on her forehead. She refused to give up. She believed that this activity could be the difference in her being adopted before she aged out of the system in 8 short months. HER LAST CHANCE. And it truly was. Our team flooded social media with Allie Jo's story, while we were still in China, and prayed that God would set her in a family. This seemed like an insurmountable task.

IMG_1584 (2)

She had been waiting for so long, time was short, she was older and in a wheelchair. And yet… On the other side of the world, Allie Jo's mom felt that pressing feeling on her heart as she saw her Facebook feed and read the story of Allie Jo. She thought perhaps motherhood was never in God's plan for her
and that was okay. Until now.

God said: THIS is your baby. Go get her.

Advocacy. It made a difference to Allie Jo. It can change everything.

Would you join us in advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves? For those who are without the basic necessities of life?
You could change the course of a life.
Leave the herd…and open your eyes to the treasures that are His.

-By Melinda Salle, One Orphan storyteller and team member

As Melinda shared, we cannot do this without you. Every share on facebook, every prayer for waiting children and every team member who boards a plane is integral to our mission. To speak up for children who cannot speak up for themselves.

Join us or click here to view and share waiting child stories.

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