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Reflections on Mission: South Asia One Orphan Team

“When my life on this earth comes to an end, I will never, ever regret following Christ into the fields of serving others all around the world especially [in South Asia]. We needed an art project for the kids to do in between time. As we were at the orphanage we had the One Orphan team and the children at the orphanage paint their hands and place it on the map. We then presented to the house parents on our last night. Through those fields, through His love for all, He has revealed so much about His never-ending, never-changing, most-merciful love for every single one of us – a love that, through faith, calls us sons and daughters of the Most High God (Galatians 3:26).”

 – Jennifer Harvin

   south asia mission trip

“As I am here remembering each moment felt I just smile at the joy of one day I may be able to go back if its God’s will in my life. I went on this mission hoping to change someone and turn their life over to God. Yet, I was changed. This trip reminded me that I have it so good, and I will always keep these precious souls in my prayers. 

This trip was a blessing to me. If you ever feel the urge to go on a mission trip I highly encourage you to do so. Open your heart and ask God to send you. I thank everyone that donated to me and helped me get to experience this! Not only did you donate but you took part in this huge change in my heart for others. I pray you will all have a huge blessing in this life because you took the time to give for such a special journey.”

– Zalana Roig

south asia mission trips

“During our last day in Bible study, we talked about how Nehemiah asked God to “remember” and that it wasn’t God who needed to remember but Nehemiah to remember what God had done for him and the promises God made. At the beginning of the week, we gave the kids journals that they could record what they were learning, prayer requests, and promises from God so that they could “remember”.

We designed a time at the end of the last lesson where the children could take some quiet moments to record answers to a few questions about our week and what they had learned. During this time we had quiet music playing and as the children wrote, the team went around and prayed over each child. I wasn’t sure how the children would respond to this and thought it possibly could last the length of one song. Boy, was I wrong! The children embraced this time with respect, seriousness, and intensity. It did not just last one song but many. What a privilege it was to pray over these children!”

– Martha Young


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