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Social Worker Testimony


Have you wondered what the home study for an adoption looks like? Curious about what it's like to have a social work come into your home and get into your background and life? The Johnson family from Tennessee shares their experience with their social worker, Bethany Martin. At America World, our strength is our people- we are committed to providing the highest customer service as we walk with you during this personal process of adding a child to your family. 

Tn social services

We wanted to share with others a little bit about our experience with AWAA-TN and Bethany Martin who was our case worker for parts of both of our adoptions. In 2009 we adopted our son from China. Bethany was new to AWAA when we brought him home so we were privileged to have her conduct our post placement visits and reports. Bethany was always very eager and available to help with any questions and concerns we had after we adopted our son. She was a good sounding board to help us sift through things we needed to think about or respond to in the process of bonding with our new child. We quickly realized that she was mature and talented beyond her years, and we felt very blessed to walk through the post-adoption process with Bethany.

We adopted our second son from Ethiopia in 2011. Bethany was our case worker who handled the whole home study for us. We appreciated her ability to work quickly yet effectively to help us complete our dossier in a speedy manner. She always promptly returned correspondences and answered questions. She helped us to understand what activities needed to be done and in what order. We had four interview sessions that Bethany conducted, one being at our home with our children. She was very respectful of our home and privacy and so kind to our children. We felt that Bethany asked great and thoughtful questions to understand us and our family during these interviews. We felt very well supported by Bethany throughout the entire adoption process. The requirement to read numerous books on adoption was very beneficial. Also, Bethany’s follow up and encouragement after our adopted children returned home was so important and necessary at the time. 

When we were choosing an adoption agency for our second adoption it was an easy decision to choose AWAA, knowing that Bethany would be the one to navigate us through the adoption process. Based on our extremely positive experience with Bethany, we recommend her to anyone we know who is considering adopting. Bethany helped us through some of the hardest and most challenging days, but we also got to share with her two of the best things that have ever happened to our family. We are very thankful for her!  

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