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Waiting Children – The Need Is Now

Since the Tampa Bay Times published the story of Davion Only, a 15 year old foster child who pleaded for his adoption before a church, there have been over 10,000 inquiries into his adoption. Much has been written by adoption advocates on this simultaneously uplifting and heartbreaking story, agreeing that the church should act in response to the needs in the local foster system. 

There is certainly a great need in our own counties to protect and love children without parents. Davion's appeal to the church reminds us of this responsibility- even if it makes us uncomfortable. Imagine if all those who inquired into his adoption were to adopt another child in the foster system, or internationally! 

While we don't work within the foster system at this time, our mission is to advocate for children in international orphanages. We have received an enormously positive responses from past blog posts advocating for specific waiting children. We have seen families step forward to adopt older and special needs children, knowing that the path wouldn't be easy. It has been our privilege to advocate for waiting children, and to journey alongside their adoptive families. 

There are many waiting children ready for adoption now. You may not see them in front of your church, asking to be adopted- but the need is there! Consider what God might have in store for your family through the blessing of adoption. You can even read the profile of waiting children on our website to learn more about a child and become educated on his or her needs (click here). There is a brief screening process by way of our free pre-application, and then a program staff person will be in touch with you. We will also continue to post profiles of children here on the blog. We look forward to placing many more children in their forever families and thank you for your prayerful consideration of this important need. 

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