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Simple Bill Can “Save Children by Upholding International Adoption Rights”

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The Boston Globe published an article in its May 24, 2016 edition titled, “U.S. Can Save Children by Upholding International Adoption Rights“.  A short excerpt of the article describes the bill and its purpose.

“Republican Representative Tom Marino of Pennsylvania and Democratic co-sponsors David Cicilline of Rhode Island, Jim McDermott of Washington, and Brian Higgins of New York introduced a bill last week that would put the United States in the position of supporting — rather than undermining — the human rights of children worldwide. It is a simple bill, consisting of only a few lines of text and requiring no new resources. But it would have a profound effect on one of the most significant human rights crises of our time.”

“The bill would essentially tell the State Department to stop discriminating against children through its refusal to consider the violations of human rights inherent in their unnecessary institutionalization.”

The full article can be read at The Boston Globe site HERE.
The article concludes with:
“This bill is simple but would represent a profound, paradigm-shattering change. It would put the United States in an important position of international human rights leadership. And Congress should be able to agree on the position that children have the basic human right to grow up in a family.”
Pray with us that this can be a catalyst for change in how the U.S. approaches the basic rights that countless orphans around the world have, but continue to be neglected.  Please share this post and article and ask your friends and family to pray!

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