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Seven Year Old Boy Needs Family

HonduraschopWe recently received an email from our representative in Honduras about a 7 year old boy named Mario who is paper ready for international adoption and needs a family. There are many children in Honduras who need families, but this little guy has some special concerns.

Mario wants to be adopted. He expresses this desire to his foster family and the social workers that talk with him. It hasn't always been this way- Mario used to have an aversion to the idea of international adoption and because of this, who have come forward wanting to adopt have eventually backed out.

Mario was abandoned at birth. He was found at 1 month old on a street. To this day there is no known information on his birth family, but IHNFA has declared him eligible for international adoption. He currently lives in foster care, but there are concerns that he will be sent to an orphanage where care will not be as adequate and he will not receive the therapy that has helped him to progress in his development as much as it has in the past couple of years.

We have extensive social, medical and psychological information available regarding Mario. If you are considering adoption and open to adopting an older child then we invite non-AWAA clients to submit a Free Pre-Application to America World and we will happily touch base with you. If you are currently a client of America World, then please share your interest with your Family Coordinator & Social Worker who will discuss your options with you. 

Mario is currently listed on our Waiting Children’s webpage. For more information on how to view this page please contact our Honduras Program Staff by calling 800-429-3369 and by submitting a Free Pre-Application


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