season of hope

Season of Hope: Impact Story from Missions

America World sends out an average of twenty mission teams per year. Each team is made up of trained volunteers seeking to advocate for the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, India, Haiti, and China. Team members have the opportunity to interact with and support vital partners on the ground, and they return with some pretty amazing stories!

Godfrey, a partner who serves in Uganda with his wife and children, is a captivating storyteller and an equally humble man. When asked how and why he began to devote his life to the orphaned children of Uganda his answer was simple. “There was a big problem here. I was a pastor and babies began to show up at my door. So we just kept opening it and saying yes. We had little to provide, but God is so big that with each mouth that came so did additional provision!”

Godfrey and his wife not only care for orphaned babies but also minister to widows and street children through Pillars of Hope. America World is honored to walk alongside them as they faithfully carry out the calling that God literally placed on their doorstep.

Giving during the Season of Hope impacts these important ministry relationships!

From caring for orphaned children overseas to training and counseling adoptive families – America World relies solely on the generosity of donors to help fund the orphan care and mission programs we all care so much about.

Thanks to a matching grant all donations from now until the end of the year will be doubled up to $125,000! Please feel free to reach out and schedule a time to talk via phone or even email if you have questions or want more information about giving during this special time.

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season of hope

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