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Scottie continues to wait for his forever family

You may remember intelligent, positive Scottie who wants parents of his own very much and whose story we recently shared here.

A Loving Ambassador team visited Scottie in November of 2019, and one team member shared about their time together:

Scottie is a sweet, pensive ten-year-old boy who observes quietly, but also enjoys participating with his friends in their activities. I had the privilege of sitting beside him on the first day during Opening Ceremonies for our Loving Ambassador trip. He was inquisitive about my phone and scooted closer and closer to me. It was evident he wants the love of a family. As I observed Scotty through the week, I was impressed with how even-keeled he was – gentle and quiet, even though he was being kept quite busy and things were changing around him often. He didn’t seem rattled, just continued observing and sometimes interacting with me or others.

He also can sing! He did a very nice job of leading some of the other children in a song while they did motions. He seemed to enjoy this special role and did it well.

Scottie impressed me as a sweet boy who will be a wonderful son.  Please help us find the forever family he so longs for!”

Please contact for more information.

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