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give hope to orphans

A Family Story: The Answer is “Yes!”

As I tucked in Arie tonight something hit me. We were having a conversation. He would ask me something in American Sign Language and I would answer. He would smile, huge.

“Tomorrow, ride bike?”


“Tomorrow, bounce (on trampoline)?”


“Tomorrow, eat?”


I don’t know whether it was my answer of yes that was more exciting, or that he could ASK me something and understand my answer. Either way, it was one of those moments that we have prayed for. One of the moments that makes all of the hard, totally disappear. We have been connecting with him, and on a level he hasn’t connected to another human being yet in his five years of life.

As we finished our conversation, he makes the sign for airplane. And then proceeds to ask, “all done?” And I stood there for a moment and couldn’t help but wonder if that was his way of saying, I like it here. I don’t want to leave. So I answered one more, “yes, all done”. He smiled bigger than before—and I knew that for a moment, he knows he’s home.

All praise to HIM for answered prayer—and a plan that is so much bigger than we can possibly comprehend. I know Arie will continue to ask us if he’s staying here. But I also know, God will continue to speak to him in new ways…just like our conversation tonight. Ways he didn’t even know he was missing. And I know, we cannot wait to see how God uses this little boy for His glory!!!

In the midst of “the most wonderful time of the year”, we know there are countless children who need to hear “Yes!” from their forever families.

There are children who need to hear “Yes!” when they ask if they will eat tomorrow.

Over the next 13 days, you have the opportunity to say “Yes!” to a child by giving to our Season of Hope.  Season of Hope exists so that you can make a direct impact in the lives of children who need to hear their “Yes!”.  Will you say “Yes!” today?

give hope to orphans

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