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Say Yes to Adoption Afraid

Say “Yes” Afraid

India Adoption When we tell adoption stories, we have the luxury of showing how wonderfully everything worked out — after it has all worked out. But the decision to adopt can take a true leap of faith in the beginning. This was definitely the case for Cameron and Brooke Amigo, who adopted their son, Samuel, from India in 2019, even though they feared he might live only a few short years once he came home.

Sammy had a heart condition called Holmes Heart, in which only half of his heart was able to function normally. It also impacted the function of his lungs. Several doctors advised the Amigos that Sammy might not make it to the double digits. Yet Cameron and Brooke felt called to adopt this little boy, a child Brooke knew was theirs as soon as she saw his photo.

An Unexplainable Peace

Brooke says, “We had spent months praying fervently for clarity about who our child was. When I saw Sammy’s picture, it was like the world just stopped. I called Cameron right away and was like, ‘I’m staring at our son right now; I need you to get home!’ There was a peace in knowing this was our son that I can’t really explain.”

 A Special Connection

Medical Needs AdoptionCameron and Brooke got Sammy’s file and began to research his heart condition. Brooke came across the name of the top cardiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, so she decided to contact him. Since Sammy’s Indian name was Sahil, the subject of the email was “Sahil – India Adoption.”

Cameron said, “Babe, it doesn’t work like that. He isn’t going to get back to us.”

Less than a week later, the doctor contacted Brooke, saying, “I have a son named Sahil, so I knew I had to call.”

Despite the odds, this doctor was willing to fight for Sammy. When Sammy came home, he began an experimental combination of drugs that increased his oxygen levels, which were only at 80. Then, a huge team of doctors at Boston Children’s worked together to come up with a plan to fix his heart. The surgery was successful and took his life expectancy from years to decades. Today, his heart and health are stable.

God’s Amazing Provision

God's provision in adoptionThroughout the adoption journey, the Amigos had numerous opportunities to experience God’s provision. Even though they felt afraid in some of the situations they faced, like when they didn’t know what decision to make or whether they would have money to cover all the bills, God showed up.

One specific source of support was an organization called Connected Hearts Ministry, whose mission is to raise funds and care for orphans who are most overlooked for adoption, including children with special needs, older children, and sibling groups. Their encouragement and support meant so much to the Amigos.

Brooke says, “Knowing we had someone who was advocating to help us raise funds for the adoption was huge. They had many creative ways to raise money, and we literally couldn’t have done it without their help.”

Misty Hudson of Connected Hearts says, “The Amigos’ adoption of Sammy is the perfect example of why our ministry exists. We love to walk alongside wonderful Christian families to help them bring home children who need the love and care of a family.”

Adoption Advice

Sammy TodayWe asked Brooke if she had advice for anyone considering adoption for their family.

She said, “Say ‘yes’ afraid, and watch how God will work. He calls us to take care of orphans and widows, but not only the healthy ones. When we are obedient to God’s calling, he shows up. He will equip you in ways you don’t even know you need, and his name will be glorified in the process.”

What About You?

Is God calling you to say “yes” to adoption? Here are some places to start:

And if you love the Amigos’ story as much as we do, experience even more of it by watching this video interview by Connected Hearts Ministry.

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