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San Salvador

Dear Families:

I am hoping  this letter  finds you well, today I have been very  lucky with the visit of one of our families, MARK and MARIA RICH, who wants to share a little bit of their experience  here in El Salvador:

We are in the country with some friends to visit an orphanage this week, and have been very fortunate to be able to meet with Alexis.  He has been incredibly accommodating and helpful to us, even though our trip was not exactly planned.  Unexpectedly, we were able to go meet with OPA and hopefully get our paperwork moving along.  The director of OPA was also very encouraging to us and seems to have a heart for the orphans.  What an answer to prayer!

The children we have met are affectionate and seem very healthy.  Their caregivers genuinely care for the children and have provided a stable home for them.  But, they still want a ¨forever family¨.  The children  ask over and over for a family.   We would definitely encourage families to pray for the children here and also for the people that take care of them.   We are encouraged by our visit and are excited by the prospect of seeing our adoption come to fruition.

So please keep praying for this kids and Gods will…

God Bless


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