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San Salvador: October 24th, 2008

Dear  Families:

I pray to our Lord that this letter finds you well.  As always, the time is running so fast – its been two weeks now since I wrote.
We were blessed  by  the  fact  that a couple of our families were approve in the Reunion Conjunta. Brian Luwis was here with a very good friend and we had the opportunity to meet with the Procurador, and he was very open with our concerns, and also expressed that he is “glad with the approach of our  Agency,” because  we have proven  that we are looking out for the best interest of the children, and also because they’re getting to know us better and the kind of Christian families that are with us.
We had the chance to visit a big orphanage call CIUDAD DE NIÑOS, run by REMAR. REMAR is a mission group of Christian people from Spain, so we met with their Director and Pastor, and he was very nice to us, with open doors.
There were many kids in that orphanage, and REMAR has 21 homes like that orphanage we visited. I must admit the place was clean and nice, but we all know these kids belong to a family, a real family or at least an opportunity to have a family; and that is why I need you all to pray for these kids and for their lives.
The Pastor from REMAR was explaining to us that “the devil destroys families, and all of us, as missionaries from our home or in the fields must fight the battle with our prayers.”  So for me, this is not only an adoption project, it is definitely more than that, and I was  able  to understand this, after so many delays and no referrals, I was wondering, “why can’t we not have referrals right away? With so many children without families and abandoned?”  But here is where I can see why we are here, and what we have to do.  So, please keep praying for these kids – they really need you, more than you think.
On the other hand, the Director of  OPA is providing  us some  information about  some kids  that they are ready to be adopted, but because the time has run so fast they are 11 and 12 years old now, but I am letting you know, so maybe a couple of our families might be interested on them.
By the way, next week I won’t be working – DON’T WORRY I am not going on a strike!  🙂  The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful woman that I am marrying this weekend and we are going on our honeymoon.
So GOD BLESS YOU ALL and I wish you well from the bottom of my heart.



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