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San Salvador – May 29th, 2009

Dear families:

I am hopping   this  email  finds  you well,  I am sure you all know I have been requesting you to pray for the new government, and I have also received email asking me, how the new government  is doing? And I honesty didn’t have an answer because until this next Monday, June 1, the new government is taking place, so we are going to have a new President next week but with him also all the Ministers, Procurador  and possibly  the Director of OPA so all our answers will become known  in the next few months.  Many of us are afraid to changes, because we do not know if they are for good or for worse, but as a Christian, all the things in the future are always for good because we know God is in control. So please pray for wisdom for the new government and for us.

There are many plans and projects in the table looking  forward to help the orphans, so I am trusting God will open the doors to make things happen.

I want you to know that I pray to our good God to bless you too…have a nice weekend. 

Alexis Castro


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