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San Salvador – June 19th 2009

Dear Families
I hope this letter finds your well.  Yesterday I was visited by two families on a Visiting Orphans Mission Trip who came to El Salvador to help the kids in an orphanage and also they are part of our America World families. They were sharing to me about their experience here and also, they explain that  this time here sharing  with these orphan kids helps them to understand many things about how the kids  think and how they look etc;, so I would like to ask to these families to share with all of us, their impression about their experience in the mission. And I asking this because I am always thinking in a Salvadorian way, but I am sure they can see things from your culture,  that I am not able to appreciate. Please share with us.
Sometimes I feel live I would like to be able to run and rush things and  get at the end of the story, to see all the kids out of the orphanage, with beautiful  families,  but  let me invite you to enjoy every moment that we are living  right now,  in our lives and take it  as a gift from God.

God  Bless,

June 22, 2009

I wanted to piggyback on Alexis’ blog for this week to share that last week we received court dates for two families.  The first is scheduled for court this Wednesday, June 24th and it was a hectic week for all concerned getting the trip scheduled and all the details worked out but this family leaves for San Salvador this evening.  Please pray for a successful court hearing on Wednesday afternoon, the bonding process as they get to know each other and the smooth processing of all the additional paperwork through the El Salvador agencies and the US Consulate before they fly home. 
Our second family has a court date the end of July and travel plans are underway with them.  We are excited for these families as they prepare to meet their children and complete their adoptions.  Please pray for Alexis as well as in this new phase of the adoption process.

Grace & peace,

Susan Maines
Executive Director of Programs


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