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San Salvador: December 5th, 2008

Dear  Families:
Another week ends, the time is running so fast that we are coming to the end of another year.  Today I received  the good news  from OPA that  one of our families was approved in REUNION CONJUNTA, but I was also informed today that they are withdrawing the program for different reasons. So I thought that wasn’t  fair, for them and for what happen.  Anyway, I definitely  know it is not about me, it is about the Lord.
Good thing, there is another REUNION CONJUNTA this week (or maybe next week) so I am sure we might get more families approved, and also the COMITE is meeting too, so lets pray that we can get a referral for our families.
So lets keep praying – I know we all are living  in the global economical problem and many other pressures, but again all I can ask to you, is to be alert, stand firm in the faith, and every action you do, do it with love..


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