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San Salvador, April 20th, 2009

Dear Families,

I hope you are doing well.  Here in El Salvador, things are pretty much the same; but the good news is that I have been informed that the actual President of El Salvador, is presenting a new project  of law to our legislators, and this new law is looking forward to make the adoption process faster, and get adoptions in nine months.  Again this is only a proposal, so please lets pray together that this possibility can become a reality soon, for the good of the orphans who deserves to live in a family.
On the other hand our dossiers are moving at OPA slow but we can see some movements. Our agency has been working with an NGO here in El Salvador, in projects, trying to help the government in several ways  and  one way is with resources.  This project is about to start, so I also need your prayers for wisdom as we look for the persons who are going to be in the project and also for the persons who are going to manages the project, and that we can witness good results in a short time frame.

God Bless,



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