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Russian Adoption Suspension

Please be in prayer for our families who are in the process of adopting from Russia.  News outlets are reporting that Russian officials have suspended adoptions to the United States, in the wake of the American woman who, wishing to void her adoption, returned her son to his home country.  Andrei Nesterenko, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, stated that adoptions will not be continued until new regulations are put into place.  The U.S. Ambassador and delegates are meeting with officials in Moscow, and both sides hope to reach an agreement quickly.

Ambassador John Beyrle said, “I would say to American families that in the process of adoption, not to worry too much.  We’re working on this and we really don’t think that this will have any long-term effect on the ability of American families to adopt here.† Please pray that the legislation that comes as a result of this situation will benefit the adoption process, and make it even safer, and more effective for children and families. 

America World will update the families in process when we know more information. 


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