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Russian Adoption Experience


I had always had a heart for adoption…i had worked at our local childrens shelter when i was single & loved 2 little boys who lived there & who were available for adoption.  I remember thinking that someday when i had a hubby & was older that maybe we could adopt a child. Years later, Greg & I met, married & had our sweet Thomas!  After his birth is when the reality of what it means for a child not to have a mom & dad really hit us.  Thomas was completely helpless & dependent on us for everything!  We could not comprehend a child coming into this world & not having the safety & love & all that parents give in the tiny moments of each day.

When Thomas was 1.5 years old we couldn't stand it any longer.  The call to adopt became so loud we were starting to lose sleep. We were praying & listening, praying & listening. There were so many unknowns about adoption i just wanted to make sure we were really doing what God wanted for us.

After telling one of my friends that we weren't sure whether to adopt or not & that we were trying to listen for God's direction, etc.  She sarcastically said something along the lines of “oh, yah..God doesn't want you to adopt.”  That was it!  I had to laugh because of course the calling was from God!! 

So Greg & I went thru our local county's foster/adopt program & during the very last class i believed that we were not supposed to move forward locally.  After prayer & many mornings out on our balcony at dawn we decided  to adopt from Russia.  Like many other families, we weren't exactly sure why Russia, we just felt pulled there & not anywhere else.  We signed up with America World & requested a boy since there are so many there.  We traveled twice & brought Thomas with us!  Thank God for my brave Greg because i'm not the most relaxed traveler. 

So here we are now home since March 2008 with our little Siberian tiger, Andrey.  We are a family of 4 and soon would like to have another biological child.  Family life has been the most satisfying & challenging time of our lives!  It's really a beautiful thing.  The boys are true brothers in every sense.  They have tons of energy & stack up our furniture & put holes in our walls with anything that resembles a tool.  I have to laugh & then i have to thank God.  I have to also thank God for sending me all the way to Siberia because now when i feel scared (greg is rarely scared) to do something minor, i can say, “hey, i've been to Siberia twice, I can do anything!”

Greg, Jeanette, Thomas & Andrey Dini


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