Russia Update
January 24, 2013

Russia adoption programAmerica World continues to advocate on behalf of families in the Russian adoption process in hopes that they will be able to complete their adoption throughout 2013. Russia has publically stated that the bi-lateral agreement between our two countries which was developed over the previous two years is still in effect until January 1, 2014; however, it is unclear what this means in relation to families who have been in the process to adopt. The Supreme Court in Russia has only made a decision for families who had completed court hearings in December of 2012 and is allowing them to finalize their adoptions throughout January 2013. There has been no definitive decision made regarding families who are at earlier stages in their adoption process and we continue to wait for official confirmation for these cases.

Our Russia Program is currently closed to new applicants and will remain so indefinitely. Despite this closure we will continue to submit post adoption reports for all of its adoptive families and support families who have been actively working to adopt from Russia. Please continue to pray earnestly for the children and families affected by the decisions of the Russian government. 

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