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Russia Program Updates

RussiaWe are praising God for the latest referrals received in the
Russia program. There are going to be some cold trips coming up for our
families, but we are trusting them into God’s care. For those following the
international adoption process between Russia and the United States we are
happy to report that families continue to move forward despite the changes that
are being implemented and which increase the requirements needed to
successfully adopt from Russia. America World is putting together a training
at the end of November for a few families to obtain the
education needed for the adoption processes. This training is being conducted
under the auspices of the University of Pittsburgh. Our hope and goal is to be
able to repeat this training after the New Year for families throughout the
mid-Atlantic region who are in need.

America World views the changes in adoption regulations between
Russia and the US as positive ones that will provide better safeguards for the
children being adopted and placed in homes. The Russian adoption process
continues to be steady one. We hope to see this program grow in the next year
and see more sweet children placed in Christ-centered families!


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