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Room For One More


Yes, this is one family. I and my wife, Leah, are in the middle of the back row, surrounded by two sons, five daughters, three sons-in-law, three granddaughters and two grandsons … and in the center, our adopted daughter from China, Paulina Meili.

I’m a Presbyterian Pastor. My wife is Catholic. Most people thought that was unusual. But, adopting a child younger than our grandchildren elicited an amusing array of reactions from friends and family. Thirty years separate our oldest and now youngest child. The family picture was taken at the baptism of Paulina Meili and our newest granddaughter, Isabella – both wearing the white dresses. I suspect it is also unusual for parents to participate in the baptism of both their daughter and granddaughter at the same time!


We adopted Paulina at age 28 months. This picture is at 31 months. She rapidly became part of our   gang. For all those who fear big families, who think that, after the adjustments required in welcoming their first and second child, they just couldn’t go through another adjustment with a third child, I can tell you that there are no more adjustments. Once we learn to divide our love between two children, we can handle any multiple figure. Every family has its challenges, but the joy increases with the number! We had room for one more. How about you? Pray about it and see how the Spirit of God leads you.
      — Rev. Dr. Lowell Meek


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