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“Ronnie” Needs a Loving Forever Family

Ethiopia Chop

Will you help us advocate for Ronnie? 

Ronnie was adopted from Ethiopia. The age on his birth certificate is 8, but it is believed he might be a little older. His teeth indicate he could be as old as 10. He was adopted into the U.S. one year ago.

Ronnie loves sports of all kind. He also has a natural musical talent and plays the drums and ukulele. He is a great artist and also likes fishing and surfing. He loves to try new activities. He can start out shy in a large group and then warms up. He loves affection.

Ronnie does well with pets and wants to be part of a family. He is learning English and is in the 4th grade. It is not believed that he has any learning disabilities. He is not on medications for behavior.

Ronnie needs a loving family who will give him a good home. We would not recommend that there be any children younger than him in the home. 

If you are interested in learning more about this boy, please email Yasmin Thornton at


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