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Rob Mitchell, Author of Castaway Kid Will Be Our Guest Speaker

“It wasn't that things were so bad at the orphanage that we hated it.  Most of us got much better care there than our parents had given us. But even at age seven I could see that kids preferred poverty if they were loved, rags if they were cared for, and homelessnes if someone wanted them.  We were willing to suffer much if we could only be part of our own families…We all wanted to believe it.  We all wanted to think that soon we would get to live our dream of going to a home where we were wanted and loved.” 

The above quote is from a Focus on the Family endorsed book called The Castaway Kid by author, Rob Mitchell.  Rob grew up as an orphan in America and will be sharing his story at our Orlando Orphan's Ticket Home Gala.  He believes and knows from first hand experience that every orphan wants a mom and a dad and a family to call their own.

You can register for this amazing night which will take place on Friday, October 30th at


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