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Resource Spotlight: New Video for Friends of Adoptive Families

Resource Spotlight
brought to you by
Post Adoption Coaching & Assistance
a ministry of America World Adoption
 “….a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

New Video for the Grandparents, Friends, etc of Adoptive Families!

A question that comes up frequently from prospective adoptive parents is “How do we help our parents understand our adoption experience, our child’s needs, etc?” 

Adoptive parents often undergo a great deal of training and preparation, and then struggle when their parents, friends, neighbors, or church community don’t really understand or know how to help.  We shared a brief blog post about this last summer, “An Open Letter To The Friends and Family of Adoptive Parents,” and now we are pleased to offer a 1-1/2 hour on-demand webinar that goes into greater detail.

This webinar is entitled “Supporting Adoptive Families with Wisdom and Understanding,” and it covers the following topics:


  • The experience of the child in adoption
  • The experience of the family in adoption
  • The adjustment after adoption
  • How to help in practical ways
  • What is “respite care” and how friends of adoptive families can help with this

This webinar is available for $25 at this LINK, and might make a fabulous Christmas present for your parents, friends, and neighbors who are anxiously waiting alongside you for your child to come home, or who want to help in your existing adoption but don’t know how.  It can be especially good if you want to provide some adoption information to those who help care for your child such as babysitters or Sunday school teachers.  Having a knowledgeable and reliable support system is one of the keys to making your adoption successful and less stressful, and we hope that this webinar is helpful to you in fortifying your support system and equipping them with the tools they need to understand and help you in the best ways possible.
This Resource Spotlight has been brought to you by ACT (Adoption Coaching and Training), a ministry of America World Adoption designed to support families through training, support groups, and individualized coaching.  Explore ACT services on our website here, and reach out to us today for a free consultation to make a plan to meet your needs.

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