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Resource Spotlight: Adoption Learning Partners Course

Resource Spotlight
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Adoption Coaching & Training (ACT)

a ministry of America World Adoption
 “….a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12


Looking for answers about adoption issues?  Want to grow in adoption wisdom and knowledge?  Need training hours?  Don’t forget about the great resources at Adoption Learning Partners!  They offer many different web-based courses on topics such as race, advocacy, life books, black hair, discipline, attachment, and more.  Each month, they do a special offer, and for August, it is a 1-hour course entitled, “Expectations and Realities: Parenting an Adopted Child with Special Needs,” found here.  Here is a description from their website:  

Is your child emotionally acting much younger than their age? Have special needs you weren't expecting? Behaviors that resemble ADHD?  You are not alone. These challenges are common for post- institutionalized children. Finding help, however, can be difficult.  Join us for a webinar featuring Martha Osborne, adopted person, adoptive mom and founder of the largest special needs adoption advocacy website, Martha will lead an “in the trenches” discussion on how parents can get connected and supported.

  • • Learn how to build a plan to manage undiagnosed special needs
  • • Consider new, outside the box suggestions on how to address unexpected cognitive and emotional delays
  • • Understand how proactive parenting can help

If training and information are not enough, or if you need more personal help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at America World’s Adoption Coaching and Training program.  We are a ministry of America World Adoption designed to support families through training, support groups, and individualized coaching.  Explore ACT services on our website, and reach out to us today for a free consultation to make a plan to meet your needs.

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