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adoption requirements

Request Our Updated Information Booklet

How does adoption work?

Who are the children available for adoption?

How much does adoption cost?

I’m single. Can I still adopt?

How long does adoption take?

What is a home study?

I’m not called to adopt. What can I do to help orphans?

Find the answer to these and many other questions simply by requesting our newly updated information booklet.

Whether you are called to adopt or want to make an impact in the lives of orphans, this booklet is for you and it is free!  It will also be available as an immediate free download if you prefer not wait for it to arrive in the mail.

You will get details about adopting from specific countries and the adoption requirements for each, along with other important aspects of adoption, such as the cost to adopt a child and the help available to finance your adoption such as the adoption tax credit.

There are adoptive families in all 50 states who have chosen America World because of the caring, professional attention their friends and family have experienced, and they have now experienced for themselves. America World has assisted families through adoption for 25 years and is known for its attentive and caring staff, outstanding service, and its integrity.


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