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Rejoicing! – Day of Hope 2014

Day of Hope 2014
December 10, 2014 was set aside as America World's “Day of Hope” with a goal to raise funds for three important initiatives:

  1. America World's Transition homes,
  2. The China Hosting Program, and
  3. Post-adoption Support for our families

The goal was to raise $60,000 alongside a $60,000 matching donation to meet the total needed of $120,000 for these initiatives.  The “Day of Hope” was largely successful thanks to all of you who recognized the importance of these initiatives and stepped up to help.  Even after the “Day of Hope“, funding continued to come in through the end of the year.

We are so excited to share with you all that through December 31, 2014, our “Day of Hope” campaign raised a total of $93,902 through your help, totalling $153,902 with the matching donation.  Thank you!  Below is a letter from the President of our Board of Directors:


Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Directors for America World Adoption Association I would like to thank you for the generous donations that we have recently received through our “Day of Hope” phone-a-thon and year end giving campaign. It has always been our goal to help families bring home their children in the most ethical and responsible way possible while still keeping it affordable. This has been more and more of a challenge in recent times with the changing economic and political climates surrounding international adoption both here and abroad. 

America World Adoption’s mission is to build Christian families according to God’s design of adoption.  An essential part of that mission is to care for orphans and adoptive families pre and post adoption. Thanks to the support of people like you, we were successful in raising the necessary funds to cover the rent for our two transition homes in Ethiopia for one year, underwrite our Welcoming Angels hosting program and fund the support resources and initiatives we are developing for post adoption families, through Hallie’s Hope fund. 

If there is one thing that we on the board are firmly convinced of is God’s love for orphans and that the work of AW belongs to Him. We are blessed to be playing a small part of that and we are so grateful for the part you’ve chosen to play. And looking at them Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matt. 19:26

What a mighty and loving God we serve and how privileged we feel to serve Him alongside people like you. Thank you.


Lynne Prinzing
President of the Board of Directors


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