Referrals Arriving from China: Young Children Under 12 Months

China WC 9-24-15
We are excited to announce that referrals for 5 girls and 3 boys, ages 9-18 months will be available to place with America World families. Four of the children are under 12 months! This group includes the following types of medical needs: eye conditions, cleft lip & palate, heart conditions and spine conditions. Because we have matched many of our families in recent months and have a large number of additional files arriving in the upcoming months, now is a great time to consider adopting from our China Waiting Children Program.  

Families applying to our China Waiting Child program can be home in as little as 12 months based on the types of files being received and a family’s requests!

There is always a great need for families open to any gender and age range, but particularly boys as well as older children. Many of our families are currently completing their entire adoptions in as little as 12 months and several have completed their entire adoption in 10 months (with a lot of devotion and hard work by families to complete their adoption paperwork quickly).

We are encouraged to be able to match many families very quickly and are blessed to be receiving many wonderful young children in the months to come from our orphanage partnerships throughout China. 

If you have any questions about the China Waiting Child Program, please call us at 800.429.3369 or email us at for more information.  You can also complete a free pre-application today by clicking HERE. If your family has ever considered adoption, now is a wonderful time to take that next step!


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