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holiday stress

Reducing Holiday Stress

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We wish you the very best during this holy season!  We hope that you are able to celebrate in your own personal way that brings your family joy, peace, and blessings.

We know too that holidays can sometimes be difficult.  They can be difficult for the world in general as we remember old hurts and encounter new stresses.  The holidays can be difficult additionally for children with a history of trauma as they navigate different schedules, new activities, unusual diets, and increased energy.  There has been much published over the years about how to negotiate these challenges successfully; so while we don’t want to bombard you with old information, we do want to remind you that there are helpful tips and ideas out there that can help make your holiday celebrations successful.  Here is a list of blog posts, webinars, and more, that we think you might find useful.

Blog Post:  ‘Tis The Season: Post Adoption Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Blog Post:  Managing Stress

Blog Post:  Preventing Meltdowns

Blog Post:  Tips for Managing Independence Day can be helpful at Christmas too!

Webinar:  Holidays and Triggers (free – scroll down through the free webinars to find it)

Webinar:  Overwhelmed for the Holidays: An Adoptive Parent’s Guide to Navigating the Holidays ($10)

Blog Post:  Tips for Handling Your Adoption Wait During the Holidays

May God bless you richly in this Christmas Season!

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