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Reconstituted Eternal Family Program

You may remember that at the beginning of 2010, America World put its Eternal Family Program on hiatus in order to properly review it from a tax perspective.

As of January 1st, 2011, we have reconstituted the Eternal Family Program, whereby all adoptive families are now eligible to participate in this program, without the need to fill out an application.  Even better news is that there is no longer a cap on the amount of contributions your family can receive for your adoption based on household income.  That's right: the sky is the limit! 

100% of all contributions will go to the intended family's adoption costs.  (America World will accept contributions on your behalf but suggests the amount claimed as a tax deduction by donors, if any, should be discussed with a tax professional.)  We simply want to act as a conduit for other's contributions to your adoption. 

Our desire with this program is a marriage of two important ideas: 1) to help families be able to finance their adoption and 2) to give practical opportunities for others to fulfill our Lord's mandate to care for and support orphans.

Many of you probably received Les Gallagher's (America World's CFO) email last night.  I think he said it best that: “We are excited to offer this program as a mechanism for family, friends, and the surrounding commmunity to support and partner with adoptive families.”

You can view and download the Eternal Family Program packet (which includes a more detailed explanation of the program, a sample letter and a contributor form) by clicking on this link: or by requesting this information from one of our staff.

Please don't hesitate to contact me (at or Les Gallagher (at if you have any questions regarding this valuable program.

I pray that many families find the Eternal Family Program to be a blessing as they work to bring their sons and daughters home!

In Him,

Jason West, Director of Development


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