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Raise Money for An Orphan’s Ticket Home on Your Birthday!

Facebook logo Here is a great and easy way to help raise money for our fundraign campaign, An Orphan’s Ticket Home.  If you are a member of Facebook, they will send you an invitation to your inbox to choose a Cause for your friends to donate on behalf of your birthday.  Then, you can send 60 Facebook friends a “Birthday Wish” invitation email everyday until all your friends have been notified.  Facebook expects 20 of your friends to donate out of all of the ones you send the notice to.  Now, you have to be okay with everyone knowing what age you are turning on your birthday as they will ask your friends for a donation amount equal to the age you are turning that year.. :)  But, hey, that’s a small sacrifice of pride to help the orphans, huh? 

So, please keep a look out for your Cause Facebook Birthday email in your inbox about 2 weeks before your next birthday. 

For those of you on Facebook, you will need to have selected An Orphan’s Ticket Home as one of your causes to do this.  If you need further instruction, please contact Amanda Lawrence at

Thank you.

The email you will receive will look like the below:

From: Causes []
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 5:16 AM
Subject: March 16 is coming up

Happy (Almost) Birthday!

Thanks to Facebook, in two weeks all of your friends will see that it's your birthday. Instead of just writing on your wall, or giving you something you don't need, what if they had a chance to help a cause you believe in? Whether you want to raise money for clean water in Ethiopia, vaccinations for children in Haiti, or a safe home for a puppy in Mississipi, with a Birthday Wish your friends can give in honor of your special day.

Make your Birthday Wish today: Get Started – Learn More

Have a very happy birthday,
The Causes Team


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