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C.A.S.E. Racial Awareness Webinar

Webinar: Cultivating Racial Awareness for Transracial Adoption Families

Our friends at C.A.S.E. are hosting a webinar tomorrow, October 17th, “Cultivating Racial Awareness for Transracial Adoption Families“.

This webinar will encourage participants to have sustained and healthy discussions about race and culture.

As a transracial adoptee herself, Angela will share her personal experiences with code-switching, implicit biases, and micro-aggressions to support and offer a deeper understanding of how transracial adoptees grow through the development stages of racial awareness to racial identity.

Angela draws from the scholarship of Dr. Gina Samuels, Dr. JaeRan Kim and Harris O’Connor’s Racial Identity Model for Transracial Adoptees.

Free registration is now full, but the cost is only $15 for those who register.


Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and Certificates of Attendance available.

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